Boo! | Simply Sarah
I cannot believe Halloween is in a week! Halloween is on a bit of an awkward day this year for anyone older than 14. Thursday is far enough from the weekend before and obviously before the weekend following. When are we supposed to celebrate dressing up and eating our weight in candy? My friend had suggested doing a get together on Nov 2nd and her logic makes perfect sense. EVERYTHING that has anything to do with Halloween is at least 50% off on the 1st. I have taken on the task of hosting this post Halloween extravaganza and hoping to nail some of these Pinterest gems. Meghan from Domestic Sugar made these witch fingers look real and creepy using cinnamon. I will be recreating these Halloween sugar cookie staples originally from FamilyFun Magazine this swamp juice looks interesting to say the least. Who wouldn't want fish eggs on Halloween!? how cute are these ghosts? I'm not sure who to credit this for. I pinned this item but it just brought me to a single image. None the less,