Body Shop Haul | Simply Sarah
I got an email from the body shop this morning about their one day sale. It was today only and it was 50% off ALL the makeup. I needed new face stuff so it could not have been any more convenient. I made the special trip to the mall to check it out. The staff were amazing and the manager helped me pick out exactly what I needed. I found a cream foundation that I will try out along with a loose powder. The Marcelle loose translucent powder has been making my face look a little to pink and really making my acne show through. The powder is more yellowy so I'm hoping this will work out. Of course that was not all I got. It's 50% off!!! I didn't go too crazy but I did get lip gloss. I don't actually own translucent like lip gloss. I got peach and watermelon. The peach is pretty clear but the watermelon gives a hint of colour. I have tried these already and they are not terribly sticky or gummy. They smell nice with out being too sugary smelling.... If that even makes sense My next