Belated Halloween bash | Simply Sarah
Feeling a little rough this morning but my Halloween bash was successful! I was impressed with myself that I put together the four Pinterest items I had set out to do. Item one: The floating ghost my ghost on the left and Pinterest on the right This one was very time consuming. I used spray starch I picked up from Walmart and two packages of cheesecloth I found at the grocery store. Being a hairdresser I had a mannequin head lying around. I used the mannequin as the head form and my camera tripod and the arms. I overlapped the cheesecloth on the head and draped one side over the tripod to act as an arm. I sprayed the crap out of the fabric on the head and arm area. I rigged a fan to help it dry while I did other things. Flipping this four times total and about six hours later it was done. Doesn't look the greatest but it worked. Would I do it again? Hell no! Item 2: Spooky witch fingers I'm not exactly sure how I feel about these cookies in general. Aside from my "fingers" looking