Beauty Don'ts TAG | Simply Sarah
So there is a tag that has been going around and I find it hilarious. If your not familiar with 'TAG' videos they are basically a video in which you 'tag' other youtubers to do the same video. There are so many out there and they are fun to do and to watch. This one is the beauty don'ts TAG. The video is a video explaining all of the things you should not do with your makeup/beauty products. Some videos just explain what not to do and others treat it like a tutorial. I decided to do it as if I were doing a tutorial. Its in no way serious and I thought it would be fun....and I was right. It was extremely fun but really hard to keep a straight face the whole time. Here is the video on a few of my beauty don'ts Are you Guilty of any these Beauty Don'ts? I used my BH Cosmetic contour & blush pallette the wrong way but I do actually love it :) Click the picture to pick one up :)