About Me | Simply Sarah
Hi! I'm Sarah, the woman behind Simply Sarah & Simply Knit. My husband Matthew and I have been married since 2016 and we have a little girl Amelia, we usually call her Mia. Our little family moved from Vancouver to Ottawa in Jan 2018 and we are enjoying it so far. I love dancing, doing hair & makeup, crafting, knitting, baking and cooking. All of these interest come in really handy as we are on a very frugal living situation. Since having Mia in August 2017 we have been a one income family. This is difficult but I usually enjoy the challenge of seeing how far I can stretch a dollar or reuse/repurpose things. Simply Sarah- The blog Simply Sarah started on youtube back in 2012. A LOT has changed since then...Ive changed since then. The Youtube, and eventually this blog, started out as a place for hair and make up. It evolved into adding some DIY's and some series such as 'pinterest pass or fail' videos. The DIY & lifestyle videos really took off and have the most amount of