About Me | Simply Sarah
Hi! My name is Sarah and welcome to my site. I started my make up and hair styling journey as a young child. I would try and get anyone to play with my hair. I would close my eyes and really focus on what their hands were doing, I would try and picture myself actually watching them. After it was done I would go and grab one of my barbies and try and emulate based on what I felt when I was getting my hair done. I can say I learned how to french braid at a very early age. I was not one of those girls who cut all my barbies hair all off. It looked horrid so I would trim it just so that the ends were nice and straight. I can remember doing these activities all the time but I cannot recall a specific event that really got me into make up. I guess it just comes with the territory of hair but I love it all the same. I love to experiment with techniques and colours and I love the playfulness in it. After highschool I worked for a year to pay for My hairdressing diploma. It has been about 6