California Soul
CLICK PLAY TO HEAR CALIFORNIA SOUL THEME: CALIFORNIA SOUL Break it to make it! Story & Script Written by Adolfo Quinones Animation Design by Nelson Garcia Animated Feature Status: In Development - Treatment Registered WGAw: 1755542 California Soul will have the cultural spirit and dance energy of the iconic, street-dance film Breakin' with the feel good 'Toy Story' Pixar style animation. Synopsis: California Soul is a coming of age story about Carlos Garcia aka Carly, an awkward preteen who hasn’t spoken a word since the passing of his mother. Although raised by a loving supportive father, Jesus “Chewie” Garcia, the owner of California Soul, an old school hip hop collectibles shop on the Venice Beach boardwalk, Carly nonetheless lives a soulless existence, withdrawn from the world. He spends most of his time day Read More >