The Small Things You Can Do | Seydways Acting Studios
Sometimes, it's the small things that matter. There are plenty of big things that you can and can't take control of in your acting career. You can be prepared, you can arrive early, you can be in acting class regularly, and you can have all the right materials on your website. But you can't control if the person that went in before you wowed them. You can't control if someone's niece is auditioning for a part. You can't control if you remind a director of his ex-wife. You can't control if they just cast a red-headed child and now want a red-headed mom. So take a step back and focus on some small things that you can control. These things may not book the job for you, but they can certainly make a small difference. 1. Grooming. It's important. Keep your hair in good shape. Touch up those roots, calm frizz, enhance curls, trim a beard—small hair choices add to your confidence, which in turn plays into how you enter a room. Likewise, manicured or buffed nails, hand cream on dry hands and