Auditioning: Prepared Readings & Controlling the Time | Seydways Acting Studios
Unless you have a particularly famous parent in the business, the single most important thing for you to learn to do well is auditioning. While there is a great deal of overlap with performing, auditioning is very different and has its own set of skills to learn and pitfalls to avoid. This article will focus on prepared and cold readings, where you are asked to read from a script for an audition. The term 'cold read' refers to those instances where you are asked to read a scene with little or no time to read the whole play or get off-book. The first pitfall for many actors when they are auditioning is that they try to feel the same way they do when they are performing. Auditioning is an artificial form, and when actors don't feel the same way in auditions as they do in performance they often internalize it and think it is their fault and blame themselves for not 'acting.' So the first thing to turn around is to take the pressure off of yourself and accept that you do not have to feel