Bare essentials | The urban guide to becoming selfsufficientish
When Flo posted this year's "not buy anything new" thread, over on the forum, it occurred to me that it doesn't mention personal care products. I assume they are covered under categories such as health or even food (groceries) and that most people buy them on a regular basis, as necessities, as they would food. When I first moved up here I opened a small business making soaps, moisturisers, salves and many other personal care products, based around essential oils (I am an aromatherapist after all) and natural, biodegradable ingredients. I fully intend to write a book containing some of my recipes because they were fabulous (but that's for the future as many recipes will need to be adapted) so, after a recent query about whether I'm still selling, I thought I'd share some recipes I use myself, on a daily basis. (I'm not still selling by the way - EU regulations make it nigh on impossible for micro-businesses such as mine to survive but that's a whole other topic). The query was specific