The Council of Trent on Scriptures, Sacraments, Original Sin and Justification
The Council wanted to address Justification, a key issue with the Lutherans, but first they needed to address the doctrine of Original Sin of Adam when he and Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden. The Catholic position on these two important doctrinal issues both at the Councils of Trent and Vatican II were not as far apart as the polemicists on both sides would claim. Quoting O'Malley, "St Paul in Romans 5 and First Corinthians 14 taught that through Adam's 'Fall' sin and death came into the world." According to St Augustine, "Adam's sin was transmitted from parents to children and affected all members of the human race. Although Christ redeemed the world from sin, concupiscence (tendency to sin) remained even in the baptized."