April 2018 Fishing Forecast | SeaSquared Charters
April heralds the start of my favorite time of year to fish here in Marathon. With both air and water temps on a steady upswing, we begin to see more consistency in our fishing. Fishery number one: Sailfish. It's not unusual for April to deliver the greatest number of sailfish for the year in our Middle Keys waters. And, when the proper conditions are present to create good fishing, it's really good. Most of the sailfish action is found in 120 to 250 feet of water. Look for a prominent color change from a powdery blue to a deep purple. Live baits are always the key to success when it comes to sailfishing. Pilchards, ballyhoo and goggle eyes are your prime choices. Fishery number two: Dolphin, or mahi mahi. Further offshore from the sailfish, dolphin begin their springtime run. Typically, during April we see larger fish leading the way, with gaffers and slammers the first to arrive. While you can expect to find the dolphin just about everywhere, we are apt to begin our search in