Vicky's Top Picks of 2012 - Scorching Book Reviews
So, its that time of year to recount which have been our favourites of the last 12 months. These are books we’ve enjoyed the most and as you know, what we like on this blog is all things sexy. I’ve been mean to Vicky this year and said she could only have 10 (then went back on that myself and picked 15!) and that they could only be published in 2012. She came up with a list of books that I have now had to put on my own to read pile (Especially Motorcycle Man which I’ve been told is “Romance Crack”) I’ve linked all the picks to their GR blurb and review here if there is one! Here’s Vicky’s Top Ten in no particular order… Erotic Sci-Fi Review Blurb Contemporary Romance Blurb Paranormal Romance (Shifters) Blurb Sci-Fi Romance (The League) Blurb Paranormal Romance (Bears) Blurb Paranormal Romance (Cat shifters) Blurb Erotic Menage Blurb Review Blurb Blurb Paranormal Romance Blurb Review