Top Picks : Romance book Preview Post 4th August 2019 incl. releases Alisha Rai, Shannon Stacey & Cat Sebastian - Scorching Book Reviews
Apoligies for the lack of Top Picks for the last two weeks – technical issues have hindered the blog!! Top Picks is a weekly meme that we do here at Scorching Book Reviews. In this post, I highlight the Romance books that I want to read that are released this week. They are all books on my TR pile and only books we are interested in spending money on. I do not ask people to recommed books or highlght releases for author promo. I feel I have to point out that books in a series are only going to be featured on here if I have started the series. You are not getting book 8 if I haven’t read 1-7 … sorry, that is the way I work!! I pre-ordered this months ago – I cannot wait. All reviews have been positive and I love Alisha Rai. It is only 99P at the moment. ‘The Right Swipe is everything you want in a Summer read: fun, clever, and so, so... Keep Reading »