Top Picks 4th Feb 2018 : HEA from Katie Ruggle, Samantha Chase & Sawyer Bennett - Scorching Book Reviews
Image Copyright Protected from Pin Up Toons Licence details on tab above Top Picks is a weekly meme that we do here at Scorching Book Reviews. In this post we highlight the books that we want to read that are released this week. They are books on our TR pile and only books we are interested in spending money on. This weeks Top Picks are.. Status on TR list : Pre-ordered months ago. I love this series and I can’t wait for Otto’s book 🙂 He’s always been a haven: For the lost. The sick. The injured. But when a hunted woman takes shelter in his arms, this gentle giant swears he’ll do more than heal her battered spirit—he’ll defend her with his life. K9 Officer Otto Gunnersen always had a soft spot for anyone in need. As Monroe’s very own Dr. Doolittle, he dedicates himself to rehabilitating the injured souls that cross his path—but for all his big heart, he’s never been in love. Until he meets Sarah Clifton’s... Keep Reading »