#SSceneC2017 : Maggie Chase Vs Jeanne St James @TheMaggieChase @jeanneStjames - Scorching Book Reviews
His Diamond – Maggie Chase Author Links : Website | Twitter Buy Links : Amazon | $3.10/£2.33 “Now,” he said, his eyes so dark they were almost black, “now we begin.” He bent over her and took her mouth.Oh. Oh! He sank one hand into her hair and tilted her head to the side, his mouth slanted over hers. He kissed her as if he’d die without the touch of her lips, as if she might, too. The heat of his touch was burning her from the inside out, her desire spiraling. She moaned into him as his teeth nipped at her lower lip and when she opened for him, his tongue dipped inside her mouth. It was all Cynthia could do to hang on to the bedclothes. He pulled on her hair, gently forcing her back onto the bed. He raised himself over her, edging her legs apart with his knee. This was it. The moment of truth. She took a deep breath. Except it wasn’t. He sat back... Keep Reading »