#SSceneC2017 : Kate Meader Vs Leela Lou Dahlin @kittymeader @LeelaLou_2 - Scorching Book Reviews
Irresistible You – Kate Meader Author Links : Website |Twitter Amazon | £1.99/$2.06 Desire clouded her eyes as he nudged the broad head of his cock at her entrance. He rubbed a little, enjoying the sleek glide of the sensitive tip as it met all that feminine softness. He dropped a kiss on her parted lips, and running his tongue along the inside, drew a rusty moan. Then the irresistible pull of that spot where they were almost joined won out as they both stared at her fingertips working herself in hot, sultry strokes around his cock. “Take it, Harper. Take it all.” He could have done it. Notched, nudged, and plunged deep, but he wanted her to invite him inside her body, for this final decision to belong to her. Control was important to this woman, and he was happy to let her have it in this way that would bring them both higher. One hand spread herself wide, and with the other, she gripped his cock and positioned... Keep Reading »