Sex Scene Championship Round Nine : Samantha Ann King Vs Jennifer Stevenson - Scorching Book Reviews
Excerpt One Samantha Ann King: Sharing Hailey Website | Twitter | Facebook Hailey released the button of her jeans. “Of course, we could wait if you want.” She slid the zipper down, giving them a peek of her blue silk bikini panties. If they knew how wet she was, what would they do? She slid her hand underneath the thin fabric and rubbed the tip of her middle finger around her labia, then dipped it inside her soaked vagina. Her eyes drifted closed, and she bit her bottom lip as the heaviness in her sex grew. She could come like this…with them watching. Her finger wasn’t long enough to touch her G-spot, wasn’t thick enough to fill her. But the heel of her hand rubbed her clit. And she had their undivided attention. Even with her eyes closed, she could feel their rapt gazes. She widened her knees and rocked her hips against her hand. Her toes dug into the rug. She cupped her breast then rolled the nipple between... Keep Reading »