Sex Scene Championship Round 15 : Mary Hughes Vs A.S. Fenichel - Scorching Book Reviews
Excerpt One Mary Hughes : Bite My Fire Website | Twitter | Facebook I smiled into Bo’s warm blue eyes. “I want to show you my thanks.” I started stripping off my shirt. Bo’s eyes riveted on me, started glowing red. I slowed, took my time raising the sweatshirt’s hem, put a little wow-chicka-wow-wow into it. Gave my breasts a shake while I slipped off my gun, set it aside. Turned with a smile, bent over and wiggled as I peeled down my jeans. Everything felt different with a sexy guy watching. My breasts felt fuller, heavier. My clothes rubbed coming off, rasping against my skin. Even the air felt different. Hot, moving. Currents ran along the curves of my breasts and belly, streamed between my thighs. I crawled back onto the bed, directly onto Bo. Retaking his hands, I lowered myself onto his hot washboard of a tummy. Bump, bump, bump. Oh, yeah. The friction of his rumblestrip belly burned into fire. Urgently now, I kissed Bo’s gorgeous lips.... Keep Reading »