Sex Scene Championship Quarter Final 3 : Kit Rocha Vs S.A. Price - Scorching Book Reviews
Excerpt One Kit Rocha : Beyond Shame Website | Twitter | Facebook It was like one of her dark fantasies come to life. Jasper, looming over her bound, helpless body, rasping dirty commands. Orders that absolved her of any complicity in her own defilement. Shuddering, she sealed her lips tight and sucked, and she’d almost forgotten about Ace until he hissed out a breath. “Fucking hell, Jasper.” . “I know.” He glided the pad of his thumb over her tongue. “She’s beautiful.” . Drunk on the look in his eyes, on the buzz trembling through her body, Noelle scraped her teeth over his thumb. . He pulled free of her mouth with a pop and smiled approvingly. “That’s good, honey.” The smile lingered as he tugged lightly at her silky shirt. “Is this Lex’s too?” . “Yes. I didn’t buy much yesterday.” Mostly just the corset, the one he’d liked so much. . He drew something from his pocket, but she didn’t get a good look at it until it clicked and light glinted off the... Keep Reading »