Sex Scene Championship 2017 : Rebecca Grace Allen Vs Gail Koger #SSceneC2017 @RGraceAllen @Askole - Scorching Book Reviews
His Contract – Rebecca Grace Allen Author Links : Website | Twitter Buy Links : Amazon |$6.21/£4.63 “Look at all the pretty toys I’m going to use on you.”With his free hand, Jack touched his paddle, then his crop. He stroked down the spreader bar as if it were his cock and read the subtle moves of her body, her hitched breaths of anticipation. “I will be using many, if not all, of them on you. But some will have to wait until you’re ready.” He opened the drawer and felt her breathing pause as he fingered the blindfold, nipple clamps and the sharp spokes of the Wartenberg wheel. He was purposely showing her things she disliked while she was pressed against him. He needed to remind her it would be different with him. That he would protect her as well as push her. Still holding her face captive with one hand, he brought the other to the stiff tip of her nipple. “Because you will be ready, my needy... Keep Reading »