Searching for my reading Mojo .... - Scorching Book Reviews
I haven’t reviewed in weeks. It isn’t that I haven’t been reading (boy have I been reading….) but I can’t seem to get out of my re-read cycle! In the last two weeks I’ve reread Cat and Bones (One of my all time favourite UF series), some of the Penny Reid Dating in the City (not all. I really don’t like a few) and I’m on to the O’Kane series by Kit Rocha (I may be here a while guys because…. So what did it? What killed the best reading streak I’ve been on in years? It was a book. Not a bad book, just a meh book. The issue with following so many book bloggers on twitter is that you get caught up in the excitement. When you read tweet after tweet about a book and how much others love it, you get VERY excited to read it too and share the love. I went into said book thinking …. I came out thinking … I... Keep Reading »