#RombkLove Day 29 : Ménage and Polyam Romance - Scorching Book Reviews
Hello and welcome to Scorching Book Reviews. My name is Nix and I do enjoy a good ménage story. The stories on this list are about relationships with more than just two people; whether it be for a month, a year or forever, the love story is about how they make it work together and, in my opinion, the best ménage stories are the one where we see the relationship beyond the sex. I’ve had to really be mean with myself for this post. I had a million and one books to recommend and, I’ve managed to get the list down to 15. I’ve cheated a bit (a lot of these are series books) but I think I’ve managed to cut it down to a list with a wide range of reads. I have tried to only mention each author once – they probably have written more than one ménage story! All covers are clickable back to Goodreads for the blurb if you want to read it 🙂 Polyam Romance So,... Keep Reading »