#RombkLove Day 16 : Fake Relationships - Scorching Book Reviews
I love Fake relationships but I could not explain to you why. It could be the angst factor (so much angst), it could be the slow slide from fake to real or it just could be because all of all the secret longing that goes on. Whatever the reason, I think I’ve read at least a 100 of these tropes and always am on the lookout for more. I’ve decided that Green-Card marriages and business arrangements fall under this umbrella too … these are relationships that are a front for something else Below is a few of my favourites (Although I have so many more recs!). Have I missed any classics? Should I add just more?? Genre Tags : #UF, #KateDanielSeries #Magic #enemiestolovers Content Warnings : Violence, Murder, Child Murder, Hero who was a past murderer, animal sacrifice I adore this book and cannot WAIT for the next. Elara and Hugh marry as a business arrangement and quickly become enemies. They have to band together to face a common threat... Keep Reading »