Recommended Kindle Price-Drops ... US Edition - Scorching Book Reviews
This is a new thing that I’m trying… looking at recent freebies and price-drops on amazon and plugging them in. Today, I’m doing a US version of this post and all these are live at the moment but I don’t know how long they will last. Couple of things you need to know before we start….. All of these books I have read and recommend; If I haven’t read it or hated it, it won’t be on this post. All of the buy links are generated by Amazon Affiliates which means that a (very) small profits go into the amazon account for the blog & I can use it to fund giveaways on the blog. If you chose not to use them that it completely cool.. I recommend the books anyway 🙂 This post is a biggie as it is the first one… the next will be shorter (I think!) THERON – Dark haired, duty bound and deceptively deadly. He’s the leader of the Argonauts, an elite group of guardians... Keep Reading »