Random Musings : The Blogging Blues .... - Scorching Book Reviews
Well, as you can see, I have the blogging blues. It may just be the blues … not really sure. I have read a bucket load of books (I have so many reviews half started) but no reviews have been completed. In fact, I’ve been writing the review for Here Kitty, Kitty for over a week and I am completely stuck although I’ve read it a million times. I am hoping that my week of great reading (it was ACE!) will kick start my reviewing again. I read the new Kate Daniel’s book, the new Tessa Dare and a reread of a Penny Reid and they were all fabulous. I recommend the Tessa Dare to everyone – it is hilarious and charming! So, this really is my explanation and, I suppose, my apology. I will attempt to do more than my memes this week, I promise. Related