Nix Top Picks of 2012 - Scorching Book Reviews
Well this year there have been far too many good books for me to chose from but I managed to wangle them down to 15!! (I know….bad Nix!). I’m gonna link ’em to the blurb and review but I’ll you why I loved the book to. Here is my favorite books published in 2012 Review Blurb I love, love, loved this book. This year, Kele Moon became an autobuy for me and this series is probably the reason why. It has passion, suspense, strong characters and a plot that kept me turning the pages. I loved Jules and Romeo and their tale made me laugh, cry and gasp. The next book is one of my eagerly anticipated of 2013 Blurb This book was a revelation and I have been introduced to an author I will definitely buy again! This is the tale of the wonderful Cath and her reintroduction into the world of love by the fantastic Nev. They do say the path of true love never does run smooth... Keep Reading »