Nix Review - Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Anderson (3.5 stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Reda has recently decided to take a leave of absence from the police force. After losing her partner to an incident on the job, she can’t decide whether or not she can trust her own instincts to keep her safe. When she stumbles back upon a book of her Mothers that her Father sold, she finds herself sucked into a world of fantasy and legend. The book is an alternative version of Red Riding Hood which sees Red becomes a victim of the Wolfs hypnotic powers and forced to do his bidding. Unfortunately, the book is more real than anyone could have imagined and she ends up being sucked into a world of myth and legend. Dayn is one of the Royal House of Vampires, cursed to be a Wolfyn. Banished to the Wolfyn realm, he has been hiding amongst a pack, concealing his true nature from them so they don’t kill him. When he meets Reda sparks begin to fly. He looks exactly like the woodsman from the book... Keep Reading »