LGBT Fiction Event Day 27 : Amelia Bishop talks flawed heroes and unforgivable mistakes - Scorching Book Reviews
As I write this blog post, I’m waiting for my latest book, Love You Forever, to “go live” on Amazon. By the time this posts, it will have been out a few weeks. But sitting here right now, I’m nervous. About the usual stuff (Will it sell? Will people like it? Will I get positive reviews?) and about some other stuff, too. Most notably those sins and mistakes and really bad choices I let my characters make. What kind of “sins”, you ask? In the m/m Romance genre, a big sin is unprotected sex. For some readers, it is a real deal-breaker. So yeah, this book has some unprotected sex. But whatever the morality police say, having those guys use condoms at that point would have been ridiculous. So I stand by my decision. Still, I know it might offend people. How about a bigger “sin” – like cheating? This book has a teeny-tiny bit of cheating, and I know some people HATE cheating in a Romance novel. In... Keep Reading »