LGBT Fiction Event Day 26 : Mina Kelly hosts an interview with her characters from her MM story Inescapable (Incl. Giveaway) - Scorching Book Reviews
Notes for the interviewer: Despite the Kuiper family’s insistence that the kidnapping of their son, Richard Kuiper VII, was a botched publicity stunt, there is still a strong feeling amongst the Interplanetary Bodies’ Security Force that a criminal act was committed. The initial internment for the apparent kidnapper, Jared Kel Tamajaq, supports this, as does the fact The Field still has an arrest warrant out to recover him after his jailbreak. Jared Kel Tamajaq also has three outstanding warrants for genetic theft, one for smuggling genetic material, and seven for making indecent proposals to arresting officers and other members of the justice system. There are currently no arrest warrants for Richard Kuiper VII. We are investigating this anomaly. Proceed with caution while interviewing these men. Back up will be made available to you if necessary. Richard Kuiper VII: Seven? Jared Kel Tamajaq: Seven sounds like a lot. Richard: Seven is a lot. Jared: No, I mean… I don’t think it’s seven. Not unless they’re counting that executioner and his... Keep Reading »