LGBT Event Day 10: Kate Richards - Scorching Book Reviews
I’ve written F/F stories for a few years now. It’s actually one of my favorite types of stories to write. And since so many people told me F/F would never sell…I had to take the challenge. Thank goodness the naysayers were wrong. Stories of women in love have an emotional flow that I enjoy. When I wrote The Vampire’s Bard I was afraid that as an erotic story, I was doing it wrong. My other books, at that point all M/F relationships of one kind or another, were so different. But after I received positive feedback from my critique partners and beta readers, I wanted to know if other authors also wrote in a similar fashion. And, while of course no two of us do it exactly the same, many authors of women’s love stories shared my choice to allow the women to connect first on an emotional, or a mental level. After all, we women like to weave together. We do it with friends (I’m sure I’m not the... Keep Reading »