LGBT Day 24 : Guest Review from Bryan James of Hunting For Sport - Scorching Book Reviews
Other Kindle/eReader Format Works Include: Love Bites (265 pages), Wild Horses (195 pages), and a short story series called Sticky Shorts; Comeuppance (43 pages), Simon Says (32 pages), Punk Ass (29 pages), Beautiful Soul (34 pages) Purchased from: Amazon Price: $2.99 Page Count: 351 pages Contains: Graphic sex and mild bondage and dominance themes Index: The chapters are indexed to make for easy selection and the ability to jump to nearly each one however the chapters are not labeled as related to content but instead labeled generically. Hunting For Sport is one of the few books that I had decided to purchase after reading the sample chapter through Amazon. Other samples had been not interesting, poorly executed, and/or not tantalizing but this book stood out among them for me. Hunter Phillips is a rich man used to getting his way for some time but he hasn’t found a lasting relationship but instead has mostly had temporary relationships with athletes who he says have mostly been bisexual and experimental in nature.... Keep Reading »