Kindle Price Drop Post : 6 Books under $2 - Scorching Book Reviews
All these are live at the moment but I don’t know how long they will last. Couple of things you need to know before we start….. All of these books I can recommend; either I have read them or someone I trust has. All of the buy links are generated by Amazon Affiliates which means that a (very) small profits go into the amazon account for the blog & I can use it to fund giveaways on the blog. If you chose not to use them that it completely cool.. I recommend the books anyway. This is a special edition of all three military romance books wrapped up in one big volume.Included:InfatuationTo prove her love and save her man, she has to go above and beyond the call of duty.PossessionLoving a military man isn’t always easy and sometimes living with him is impossible.SurrenderTo claim the woman he loves, he will have to be the Dom she desires.All three novellas can be purchased separately in digital. PRICE -$0.99 Amazon Buy... Keep Reading »