Hot Cover Monday : Well Played by J.S. Scott & Ruth Cardello - Scorching Book Reviews
Well, lookie how pretty this is?! Never heard of it but it’s 99P and has a fabuous cover/blurb … purchased! Lauren: Graham is my brother’s best friend. He’s always been my protector and my confidant because he accepts me the way I am — and not many do. I can’t imagine not having him in my life. Our weekend together was supposed to be a celebration. I graduated from college, Graham got engaged and signed with a pro football team, and my brother landed his dream job. It should have been the best time of our lives. Except that the weekend started with me walking in on Graham’s fiancée going down on my brother. I complicated the situation by having sex with Graham after that, but I wanted to comfort him and, damn, when I saw desire in his eyes — for me — I couldn’t say no. I’ve wanted him for so long. Now he doesn’t want to see me. He says he has a darker side he needs... Keep Reading »