Celebrating Romance : I'm a Google Stalker by Lisa Emme (Includes Giveaway) - Scorching Book Reviews
Hi everyone! I’m Lisa Emme and I write urban fantasy and hot, steamy romance. Thanks to Nix for letting me be here to help celebrate Romance Month on Scorching Book Reviews. Today I have my romance writer hat on and I want to talk to you about one of the best tools a writer has…Google. We’ve all heard the joke, “don’t judge me by my browser history, I’m a writer not a serial killer”. Funny but true, as I discovered when I started writing more than five years ago. I’ve Googled an eclectic array of things – guns, knives, tequila, sex toys, demons, magic rituals, the human circulatory system – which because of Google’s search-based marketing, means the ads I get online are often just as varied. To this day, I still get ads on Facebook for chicken coops, all because I Googled them when writing my most recent romance, The Yacht Club. There’s no doubt that Google is a useful tool, but you can do more than just... Keep Reading »