Celebrating Romance 2018 : Demisexuality in Romance by Antonia Aquilante (Includes recommendation & a giveaway) - Scorching Book Reviews
Hi, everyone! I’m Antonia, and I write predominantly fantasy romance with LGBTQ characters. I want to thank Nix so much for running this celebration of romance and for letting me be a part of it. I’m excited to be here! I read my first romance novel at twelve, though even before then I always wanted a story where the characters lived happily ever after. My mom loaned the Nora Roberts book to me, telling me to skip the sex scenes…I didn’t. I’ve been a voracious romance reader ever since, and I still share books with my mom. Romance is where I go when I want to the comfort of that HEA, and the hope and happiness it brings. That’s what romance gives us. That’s why I write romance too—I want to write a little more hope and joy and love into the world for everyone. I think we all need it. I didn’t expect it, but in some ways, romance also taught me something more about who I am.... Keep Reading »