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LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH – EXCERPT “Wait, you never answered the question. Was he hot?” Grace paused in dumping sugar in her coffee and glared at Riley McKenna. “Who cares if he was hot? I said he was an ass.” “Yes, but was he a hot ass?” This from Julie, who, like Riley, had apparently missed the point of Grace’s story. “You’re giving him entirely too much credit,” Grace muttered as the three of them headed toward the conference room for their weekly meeting. Thanks to cab guy, she’d made it in plenty of time. Riley and Julie exchanged a glance. “He was totally hot,” Julie said in a loud whisper. “Are you allowed to say that? I mean now that you’re engaged and all?” Riley asked Julie. Engaged. Grace ignored the little twinge that word caused. She was happy for her friend, of course. Julie Greene was one of her best friends, and easily the most likable person Grace had ever met. With her honey-blond hair, wide smile,... Keep Reading »