Authors After Dark Spotlight Post : Rita Sawyer talks conventions (#AADSAV) - Scorching Book Reviews
It’s almost here! It’s almost here! Authors After Dark is only month away. Now picture a Forty-something year old woman waiting like a little kid for Christmas. Seriously as an adult it’s the closest analogy I can make. I get a week off from work. I get to meet and mingle with great authors, readers, and bloggers. And everyone gets lots of goodies to take home with them. I’m really excited. I’m getting all my authorly (yes, I made up a new word) stuff together. You know promo stuff, prizes for the carnival, costumes for the balls, and the awesome baskets for the charity raffle. You really want to check out the baskets! My car is going to be loaded, but it will be so worth it. We’re all going to have a blast. I’ve got a playlist on the iPod to rock out with during the 15 hour drive. I’ve got a cooler just for the chocolate I’m bringing so it won’t melt. Even though this is my 4th... Keep Reading »