Authors After Dark 2013 Spotlight : Jayne Rylon Introduces her Hot Rod Series - Scorching Book Reviews
Thanks for having me! I’m thrilled to be here today to talk a little bit about Hot Rods and each of the garage mates. Mustang Sally, out tomorrow, features the lone female mechanic of the group as well as the two guys she’s set her sights on, Eli and Alanso, who were the subject of King Cobra, the first book in the series. I’d love to introduce your readers to the cast of the series plus the Powertools Crew makes several appearances as they help Joe’s cousin Eli navigate through building a relationship like the one they have and cherish!One cool thing about this series is that the inspiration images I used to make each character vivid in my mind were actually contracted for the covers. I’ve included a link on each character below. It’s very rare that the cover matches so exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the book. Most of the time we’re at the mercy of stock photography which matches sort of to not... Keep Reading »