A Vicky Shorty Review - Accidental Domme by Jim Lyon (3 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
During a weak moment while in-between girl friends, Wendy agrees to become a key holder for a friend to help him indulge his chastity fetish. This seeming innocuous act inadvertently leads to the discovery of her affinity for bondage and a career as a no-nonsense personal trainer for bottoms and pony girls/boys. I’ll be honest with you and say that I don’t personally understand the appeal of forced chastity or pony play. But I’m all for each to their own and know that my kinks wouldn’t work for someone else which is why, even though I found it difficult to understand the needs that drove the characters, I stuck with it. I can’t say that I loved the story and I found myself cringing at points and questioning the sanity of their decisions but it wasn’t because of the writing, it was purely through my lack of understanding.The tone of the story was different to other erotica novella’s I’ve read. It seemed to have a more direct approach focusing on... Keep Reading »