A Vicky Review - Sylvan God by Katherine Spencer (3 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Neena, known to her friends as Newt, has moved to Maine to start a new life after a disastrous end to a relationship that cost her a lot not only emotionally but financially and landed her in court. So to start afresh she moved to a house on the waterfront of a small town and is fixing it up herself. When Jake is walking through the forest one day the last thing he expected to see was a gorgeous woman singing and dancing along to the radio and finds he’s immediately taken with her. He decides to introduce himself and offers to help her with the work in the house at a rate that even the landlord would agree to. He is totally taken off guard when she tells him that she has brought the house and so abruptly leaves. When Jake returns that evening to apologise and explain why he left so sharply Newt learns that his father had built the house and Jake was born there and he... Keep Reading »