A Vicky Review - Shattered by Kate Kelly (2.5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Tess has been chased for 2 weeks by her boss, a man she dated briefly, who is threatening to kill her. He has already killed the company accountant and she seems to be next. She also knows that he is trying to frame her for something, but what that is she doesn’t know. There is a bank account in her name with $200k – before the accountant was killed he sent her information to try to help her prove her innocence. Now that she is out of options, she turns to the one person who won’t want her around. Jay is shocked by Tess’ arrival and vows not to get involved as he doesn’t think there is any real threat to her but agrees to her staying for a few nights to rest up as she seems exhausted. He had managed to bury his feelings for Tess but the more time that he spends with her his feelings come crashing back to the surface. When the danger to Tess becomes... Keep Reading »