A Nix Short Review - Khantara by Michelle Franklin (4.5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
This tale is the prequel to the Master and Commander series and shows the story of how the Den Asaan Rautu’s parents met. Khantara is the Commander of the Haanta. Upon his travels around Thellis, he comes across an argument between mates. The woman ends up crying after rejection from her mate, which upsets Khantara greatly. Anelta is one of the marked, which means that she is stopped going from town and has a limited education. She is mated to a man who does not love her and does not treat her well. In fact, her mate is a complete philandering arse, but this is seen to be the accepted because, as one of the marked, she should be grateful that he offers her food and shelter at all. Khantara is disgusted to discover that her mate often leaves her without food whilst he goes away for days, leaving her unable to go out and get any food. He takes her to get food and sparks starts to fly. Knowing... Keep Reading »