A Nix Short Review - Hot Text by Cari Quinn (5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Jeff really hates his sister new loser boyfriend. For a start the man is a jerk but his opinion isn’t improved by the fact the man is still married. When he sees that said loser has left his phone at his baby sister’s house, he takes the chance to text the man’s wife to try to convince her to get him to keep his hands to himself. Upon meeting her, he finds himself in an interesting dilemma. Does he get the creep away from his precious sister? Or does he give into the temptation to try to get the lovely Karyn for himself? After realising that his sister is big enough to make her own mistakes, he sexts Karyn (Sex Text) and hopes that she felt the same sparks he did. When she responds in kind, they embark on a sex fuelled night that changes everything. Cari Quinn creates very sexy novellas and this one was no exception. I understand that some people may find Karyn’s marital status objectionable in... Keep Reading »