A Nix Review - Forbidden Desires by Jodie Griffin (3.75 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Marcus is an occasional sub inside of the bedroom and an Alpha outside.Never being able to fully reconcile with his desires, he has had a series of unsuccessful relationships. When he first meets Bella, every bone in him acknowledges what a sexy woman she is but it is only after he discovers what that sexy librarian wants in the bedroom that he truly starts to gravitate towards her. After a series of drastically bad experiences in the bedroom, Bella realizes that she wants a man to dominate occasionally One look at Marcus and she dismisses the chance of her the firefighter ever being her sub. When he starts to actively pursue her, she discovers that he wants a woman just like her; a woman who wants to both take and give control. Neither of them know much about their desires, but together they embark on a journey of sexual discovery. On a trip to a BDSM B&B, they get to play out their fantasies to see where it could lead. But although submitting seems subconsciously natural to... Keep Reading »