A Nix Release Day Review - 31 Flavors of Kink (3.75 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
A traumatic past has left Sidney unable to enjoy sex. She doesn’t get aroused by the thought of traditional sex, no matter how hard she tries to please her husband. After five years of terrible sex, she finds something that pushes her buttons in an erotic novel; only question is will her husband be into it? When Sidney approaches Nick to try to bring BDSM into their bedroom, he is all for trying anything to get her to enjoy sex. Tentatively they take baby-steps into the lifestyle, trying out many new techniques to find the ones that fit them. Through pain and bondage, Sidney finds a release she never thought she would get and begins to look forward to being intimate with her husband. Whereas Sidney needs the pain and control to orgasm, Nick only participates because he wants to watch the woman he loves enjoy herself. Although being in control is fun, it takes a lot of work and sometimes it just seems too much. As resentment starts to... Keep Reading »