A Nix Ramble Post : Using Luzme to compare books - Scorching Book Reviews
Updated 12th August 2015 I don’t know about you guys but I’ve seen a few things happening with eBook pricing. It seems Pre-order pricing is going up (I paid £9 Yesterday for a 220 page book!) and my book budget is so stretched I’m reading less and less new authors which makes me very sad. Like everybody, my finances are tight so, unless I have to own a book IMMEDIATELY, I now use Luzme for every book I want to read. Luzme recently alerted me that 5 books on my wishlist have become free for a limited time so I’ve snapped them up. I love Luzme and I wanted to update and rehighlight this post I did a few years ago on the site. This isn’t an affiliate post, I have no ties to the company, it just makes financial sense for me to use it and, as I know I am the enabler of a lot of your one-click addictions (sorry), I thought I’d share what I do on... Keep Reading »