A Nix PNR MM review - Hiro's Merman by Daisy Harris (4 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Constantly abused and raped by a leader who is supposed to be his protector, Selkie Deniz decides to brave the mystical portal and go to an unknown land, hoping for a better life. Emerging in the middle of a Lake, he is lucky enough to find himself next to a boat owned by the lover of another Selkie. Jamie and Maren are happy enough to see him, but its Jamie’s housemate who is more interested in him. Hiro has never been able to see what his housemates see in Selkie’s. Their unusual colouring and tails make them too foreign to be attractive, but when he sees Deniz his opinion changes. With his alabaster skin and shiny red hair, he immediately attracts his attention and the attention is reciprocated. However, Deniz is unused to being able to display his attraction towards males, unused to it not been seen as an excuse for closeted men to abuse him. He doesn’t know what to do with his attraction, but he knows he doesn’t... Keep Reading »