A Nix PN Erotic review - Dark Adapted Eyes by Scarlett Parrish (4.5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
Cat shifters are rare; so rare that Fern, Gabe and Alex have to stick together as they believe they are alone. A pack, they belong to each other and no one else. Problems only start to arise when one of those pack members start to become unstable and threatens the secrecy that they need to survive. Fern’s obsession with trying to find more of their kind has lead her to the ledge, killing and maiming humans with increasing ease. Alex and Gabe constantly have to clean up her messes, breaching their own moral codes to keep her safe. It has become tiresome and their little pack is stretched to breaking point. One night in a crowded pub, the unthinkable happens; they discover one that could be like them. Cress has a third eye-lid, an itch under her skin but she still thinks that she is human. Having strangers tell her she could be otherwise and then change into cats in front of her does change her thoughts a little, but... Keep Reading »