A Nix MM Review - College Boys by Daisy Harris (4.5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
After his mother’s death, Chris struggles to deal with the lack of privacy that dorm living brings. Deciding to move into a single room, he is conscious that the man that will be living next door is the only man ever to arouse him; his old campmate Peter. Knowing that they had kind of resolved the situation that occurred at camp, Chris doesn’t foresee any awkwardness between the two of them. Of course, that is until he realises just how thin the walls are between the two of them. Able to hear every move, he becomes more and more aware of his attractive neighbour. When one night Chris hears Peter masturbating, he realises that there is no denying the way his body reacts to the other man. But will he accept his feelings this time around? Peter has lusted after Chris every day since waking up to find the other man spooning against him in a cold tent. His favourite fantasy is about his very straight tent-mate; he can’t quite... Keep Reading »