A Nix Fantasy Romance Review - The Green Rose by Stephanie Burkhart (5 Stars) - Scorching Book Reviews
The Continent of Gaia is split into four quadrants; N’Gasse, Tapin, Daháka, and Ravenrock. Years previous to our tale, the rulers of these great lands had joined forces to defeat the Wyldebeasts of the Black East, horrible creatures that were ravaging the lands. After combining their magic’s, they created the powerful Green Rose to help them win their war and then erected the Eastern Wall to keep the creatures from ever returning.For 800 years, the wall had kept the beasts away and Gaia safe. But now, a traitorous mage from the Kingdom of Tapin has cracked the wall wide open and taken two of the realms rulers’ prisoner. The demands are simple; Give the Mage the Green Rose or both Kings will die. It soon becomes apparent that Centuries of peace has led to complacency and the Rose has become a neglected heirloom. It is left to Prince Sophie of Tapin and Crown Prince Ivan of Daháka, to journey to find the Rose and free their Fathers. But there are... Keep Reading »